CarbanioPlus provides manufacturing services of exclusive fine chemicals for all commercial production needs.

CarbanioPlus streamlines the chemicals procurement by consolidating multiple manufacturer products into a single purchase order and invoice.

Easy Access to Commercial Production

Often, businesses find difficult to source chemicals in commercial quantity with optimum pricing and assured in time delivery . This may hinder the business continuity and may lead to financial implications.

CarbanioPlus being a one stop solution for all chemical needs, it helps the clients in sourcing chemicals at commercial scale directly from the global manufacturers and delivers across the world.


Commercial Scale Chemical Needs

Bulk Chemicals
API Intermediates
Agro Chemicals
Bulk Solvents

With a worldwide digital network of global bulk manufacturers, integrated technology in manufacturing chemicals at commercial scale and know-how of price optimization, CarbanioPlus has an edge and advantage to scale the chemical production efficiently with timelines.

With a wide network of global manufacturers and industry know-how, CarbanioPlus has an edge in identifying the suitable manufacturers who are capable of manufacturing chemicals with global quality standards as per client’s business needs.

With efficient requirement evaluation, effective project management with stringent milestones, sophisticated client support, thrive towards in time delivery and commitment to confidentiality, CarbanioPlus has been supporting numerous global clients to accomplish new innovations.