NEW Chemical Synthesis

Synthesising of advanced chemicals

CarbanioPlus specializes in offering the first-time synthesis of complex and commercially not available compounds, optimization of synthetic routes and supply of exclusive chemicals for production needs.

Making Complex Chemical Synthesis Possible

CarbanioPlus offers a wide range of capabilities and services to its diverse array of global clients, for develoing new chemicals during any phase of R&D. With integrated global manufacturer network, it minimizes the barriers of R&D and expedites the delivery of new customized chemicals in time without compromising quality.


Industry Specific Chemical Needs


Irrespective of the industry, CarbanioPlus provides new chemical compounds to the client's product development or supply chain. CarbanioPlus has a strong integrated world-class manufacturer network allowing to supply the best in class chemicals.

With a wide network of global manufacturers and industry know-how, CarbanioPlus has an edge in identifying the suitable manufacturers who are capable of manufacturing chemicals with global quality standards as per client’s business needs.

With efficient requirement evaluation, effective project management with stringent milestones, sophisticated client support, thrive towards in time delivery and commitment to confidentiality, CarbanioPlus has been supporting numerous global clients to accomplish new innovations.